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Growing Membership and Program Revenue

Ys today are struggling to recover from severe reductions in membership and program enrollment due to COVID-19. If you’re looking to build back stronger than ever and ensure that your back offices processes align with best practices, reach out to the YMCA MSO today. We’re here to help you spring back quickly and maximize your recovery.

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Save Money

Streamlined and automated processes handled by a dedicated, member focused team results in tangible monthly savings.
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Solve Recruitment & Retention Problems

Stop worry about recruiting, training, and retaining administrative staff and let the YMCA MSO handle these functions for you with an expert, dedicated team.
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Unlock Hidden Value with Centralized Operations

Centralized back office administration allows for consistency, accuracy, and speed — allowing your Y to discover new ways of engaging with your members.
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Get Better Data

Mature, integrated digital environments at the MSO give you access to an new pipeline of data and analytics that help you optimize and grow your Y.

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Improve Marketing Conversions

Accurate and timely membership and program data results in responsive and revenue growing marketing campaigns. Don’t let your Marketing Department fly blind.

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Free Up Your Time

Shift you and your Executive’s Team focus from administrivia to strategic, revenue growing and community impacting projects. We handle all of the administrative details and report out key metrics.

What We Do

The YMCA MSO provides outsourced, right-sized, back office services to Ys of any size across the whole US.


Business procedures, AP/AR, payroll, preparation of financial statements, tax requirements, audit, internal controls, banking relationships.

Human Resources

Recruitment, hiring, orientation, retention, performance evaluation process / systems, employee handbooks, policies and procedures; managing benefits; career development and succession planning.

Information Technology

End-to-end technology management, helpdesk support, and strategic planning.  Application selection, integration, and implementation.  Cybersecurity services, too!

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Public relations, marketing materials, marketing plans, annual campaigns, web development, website and social media content.

Customer Transactions

Helping Ys grow their membership and program revenue by optimizing and managing their core member, program, childcare and resident/day camp operations.

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Risk Management

Insurance, safety policies and procedures, screening and background checks, emergency response plans, safety and risk training programs.

Leading Practices

Curious how optimized your back office processes are? We can help! We offer a free consultation to evaluate your Y’s needs and defines next steps.

Cost Savings

YMCA MSO customers save between 10-40% on total cost of ownership when transitioned to the YMCA MSO. Contact us today to learn how you can save.

Mission Focus

Letting the YMCA MSO handle back office functions for your association allows your CEO and Executive Team to spend more time focused on their mission.

Enterprise Scaled

Custom Built to Help Your Association Thrive

Designed to help Ys everywhere be more sustainable, elevate the way they do business, and be more mission-focused. Contact us today to learn more.

Right Sized Services

The YMCA MSO provides services at different levels within each of our service domains to meet your needs. This allows you to start small and scale up or jump right in.

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  • Line staff with involvement with Functional Area Directors
  • Functional Process Management
  • Standardized Systems and Processes
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  • Director-Level Resource
  • Involvement with Executive Team
  • Complete Cross-functional Process Ownership


  • C-Level Resource
  • Involvement with Executive Team and Board
  • Helps Set Up Big-Picture Strategy

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