Customer Transactions

Helping Ys grow their memberships and increase revenue by optimizing and managing their core member, program, childcare and resident/day camp processes.


Growing Membership and Program Revenue

Ys today are struggling to recover from severe reductions in membership and program enrollment due to COVID-19. If you’re looking to build back stronger than ever and ensure that your back offices processes align with best practices, reach out to the YMCA MSO today. We’re here to help you spring back quickly and maximize your recovery.

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Save Money

Streamlined and automated processes handled by a dedicated, member focused team results in tangible monthly savings.
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Solve Recruitment & Retention Problems

Stop worry about recruiting, training, and retaining administrative staff and let the YMCA MSO handle these functions for you with an expert, dedicated team.
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Unlock Hidden Value with Centralized Operations

Centralized back office administration allows for consistency, accuracy, and speed — allowing your Y to discover new ways of engaging with your members.

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Get Better Data

Mature, integrated digital environments at the MSO give you access to an new pipeline of data and analytics that help you optimize and grow your Y.
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Improve Marketing Conversions

Accurate and timely membership and program data results in responsive and revenue growing marketing campaigns. Don’t let your Marketing Department fly blind.
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Free Up Your Time

Shift you and your Executive’s Team focus from administrivia to strategic, revenue growing and community impacting projects. We handle all of the administrative details and report out key metrics.

Free Assessment

Confused on how to start or how the YMCA MSO can help you? Contact us for a free assessment and tailored quote. You’ll get to engage with our expert team and learn how the MSO can help you.


The Customer Transactions Team at the YMCA MSO creates the first line of contact with the customer Y’s community — interacting with members, donors, volunteers, staff and other community stakeholders. Using best-in-class and consistent processes and procedures to perform recurring tasks, the Customer Transaction product delivers outstanding service focused on membership and program operational areas, including membership and program reports, billing and invoices, timely collection of accounts receivables and much more.

End-to-End, Outsourced Member & Program Management — Child Care Too!
Core Service Offering

Our core Customer Transactions service offering includes all of the following functions. By standarizing and automating through the YMCA MSO, you’re freeing up your staff to focus on delivering high-quality programs and engaging with members. Let us handle the administrative details and hassle.

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Customer Service

Answer all calls, emails, and texts in a friendly, timely, and efficient manner.

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Enrollment, renewals, holds, changes, additions, upgrades and downgrades.

Member Data Management

General management of membership database, including monthly system maintenance related to membership, third-party payors, system audits and user permission management protocol.


Building, registration, changes, payment, cancellations and audit of program builds. Childcare is available as an add-on!


Create, document and distribute standard processes and procedures to share with Welcome Center staff.


Foundational reports on participation on a predetermined cycle, including membership sales, terms and facility visits, and retention reports focused on membership class and average term length.


Invoices, credit card processing/updates/changes, refunds, corporate memberships.

Core Plus Service Offering

The Core Plus Service offering includes everything in our Core service offering and the following value added items. This package is for Ys truly looking to leverage the MSO to grow their memberships and drive program growth.


Bad debt and collections for memberships and programs.


Pledge entry, collections and tax letters.


Step-by-step video based education on processes and procedures.

Enhanced Reporting

Create and interpret reports to find trends for marketing, IT and customer services. Proactive identification of issues, and flawless executive and Board level reports ready to go.

Core Plus Strategic Service Offering

The Core Plus Strategic Service offering is our premium package and it includes everything in our Core and Core Plus service offerings and the following value added items. This package is for Ys that want to stand out, model best practices and focus on community engagement and revenue growth.

Leadership Engagement

Direct Exec Team and Board-level engagement from a defined C-level resource.

Data Analytics

  • Interpret documents to make decisions on behavior of the customer.
  • Identify issues and propose solutions.
  • Predict future trends.
  • Produce reports on demand, along with regularly scheduled cycle.
  • Virtually attend board/staff meetings to discuss and interpret reports.

Exec Training & Support

Educate and support program directors on understanding numbers and data to make decisions


These add ons are available with any service level offering.


Utilization of the MSO’s standardized system to track volunteer hours, certifications, expirations and other data.

Cash Control Procedures

Draft, train and manage cash control procedures at each branch. Balance, reconcile and report on bank deposits and cash receipts.

Child Care and/or Preschool

  • Coordinate child care and/or preschool registration.
  • Process paperwork for drafts and collections of monthly billing, including third-party billing. Bad debt collection is also included in this add-on product.
  • Verify all required paperwork is provided by parents and made available to child care and/or preschool staff.
  • Track child care and/or preschool staff required safety training and certifications and notification of expiration dates.

Financial Assistance

Use the MSO’s online system to collect and process financial assistance applications, renewals and changes.

Resident & Day Camps

  • Manage all resident and day camp registrations, including ensuring appropriate paperwork is received from parents.
  • Handle payments for resident and day camps.
  • Track resident and day camp staff required safety training and certifications.

Let’s Do Something Better Together!

The YMCA MSO was founded by Ys for Ys and provides back office services to Ys across the entire US. As a nonprofit organization governed by Y CEOs, we aim to offer the highest level of service at the lowest price. Contact us today and let’s use our combined power to make Ys everywhere stronger.



Avergage Cost Savings

Answers to Your Questions

How much does it cost?

The YMCA MSO Customer Transaction service offering is priced based upon a number of factors including membership and program revenue and is tailored to the exact list of services you need from the MSO. 90% of customers save money and receive a higher level of service by switching to the MSO.

Do I have to completely outsource all of my Customer Transactions functions?

No, we offer many different services levels that meet your needs today, but we also offer options for scaling up over time.

How do I learn more?

Contact the YMCA MSO below, and we’ll quickly reach out to walk you through our free assessment process. We’re here to help your Y be more successful.

Does YMCA MSO offer other services beyond Customer Transactions?

Yes we do! The YMCA MSO offers Human Resources, Risk Management, Information Technology, Financial, Marketing, and Customer Transactions services to Ys across the whole US. 

Propel your Y
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