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Helping Ys have an amazing IT helpdesk, manage their core technology, configure applications, integrate data and handle cybersecurity. Your one-stop shop for outsourced IT. Built by Ys for Ys.


Reliable, Scalable, and Secure IT Management

Ys today have traditionally underspent on IT and often suffer the consequences of unstable and insecure technology solutions and lean staffing. The YMCA MSO offers an advanced lineup of IT services provided by an experienced team of IT professionals who are dedicated to your success.

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Save Money

Streamlined and automated processes handled by a dedicated, association focused team results in tangible monthly savings.

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Solve Recruitment & Retention Problems

Stop worrying about recruiting, training and retaining IT staff, and let the YMCA MSO handle these functions for you with an expert, dedicated team.

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Let our team of experts help automate and digitize core processes to free up staff time, save money and help you grow.

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Get Better Data

Mature, completely digital, member and program management at the MSO gives you access to a new pipeline of data and analytics that help you optimize and grow your Y.

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Improve Marketing Conversions

Accurate and timely membership and program data results in responsive and revenue growing marketing campaigns.  Don’t let your Marketing Department fly blind.

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Free Up Your Time

Shift you and your Executive’s Team focus from administrivia to strategic, revenue-growing and community-impacting projects. We handle all of the administrative details and report out key metrics.

Free Assessment

Confused on how to start or how the YMCA MSO can help you? Contact us for a free assessment and tailored quote. You’ll get to engage with our expert team and learn how the MSO can help you.


The information technology services offering is designed to provide support across a wide-variety of associations’ technical needs. Associations can either purchase from the à la carte list of add-on services, the core service offering, or both. The core service offering is designed to be a best-in-class, tailored complete outsourcing of the IT function to the MSO.

Outsourced technology, data and cybersecurity management for Ys
Core Service Offering

Our core Information Technology service offering includes all of the following functions. By standarizing and automating through the YMCA MSO, you’re freeing up your staff to focus on delivering high-quality programs and engaging with members. Let us handle the administrative details and hassle.


Single point of contact for all your technology questions, troubleshooting and support.

End Point Management

Deployment, configuration and patching of desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

Network Management

Deployment, configuration, patching and management of both hardwired and wireless network solutions.

Application Support

Configuration, monitoring, management and optimization of your application suite.

Email Management

Support, management and tuning of either your G Suite or Office 365 environment.

Legacy Server/StoragE Management

Patching, support and maintenance of on-premise servers and storage devices. These are considered legacy environments, and steps should be taken to migrate these workloads to the cloud and up the stack. Migration services are available for an additional fee.

Cloud Management

Configuration, management and monitoring of cloud workloads (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS).


Access to video repository of relevant how-to and trainings videos, plus quarterly live cybersecurity and technical tips-and-tricks trainings.

All services would be delivered remotely. Physical site visits would be completed as needed by a local 3rd party provider managed by the MSO, but a heavy emphasis on remote support is intended.


These add ons are available à la carte or with any service offering.

IT Assessments

End-to-end assessment of current technology stack and cybersecurity posture. This service is performed for free for all new incoming MSO customers.

PCI Compliance Audits

Quarterly scoping, execution, review and attestations of scans to ensure full compliance. Remediation of finding would incur an additional charge.

HIPAA Compliance Audits

Review, scoping and compliance with HIPAA requirements.

Data Management

We’ll managed the collection, cleansing, enrichment and publication of your data sets.

Database Support

Optimization and tuning of your database environment.

Data Analytics

Development, configuration and management of data analytics dashboards and report delivery.

Identity-as-a-Service (IdaaS)

Implementation, support and management of your identity management solution.

Vulnerability Assessments

Comprehensive vulnerabilities scans and analysis to understand the cybersecurity posture of your environment.

Cyber Incident Response

We can help you in your moment of crisis. Immediate response and management of cybersecurity incidents big and small.

Cloud Migration Services

These services help modernize your environment and migrate you from on-premise physical hardware to the appropriate MSO-managed cloud environment. These are project-based services.

IT Strategy

We would develop with you an IT strategy that aligns with your association’s goals and objectives, giving you clear direction.


Strategic, ongoing insight, guidance and strategy from a cybersecurity executive.


Strategic, ongoing insight, guidance and strategy from a senior IT executive.

Let’s Do Something Better Together!

The YMCA MSO was founded by Ys for Ys and provides back office services to Ys across the entire US. As a nonprofit organization governed by Y CEOs, we aim to offer the highest level of service at the lowest price. Contact us today and let’s use our combined power to make Ys everywhere stronger.



Avergage Cost Savings

Answers to Your Questions

How much does it cost?

The YMCA MSO Information Technology service offering is priced based upon a number of factors including number of endpoints and application, and is tailored to the exact list of services you need from the MSO. 90% of customers save money and receive a higher level of service by switching to the MSO.

Do I have to completely outsource all of my Information Technology functions?

No, we offer many different services levels that meet your needs today, but we also offer options for scaling up over time.

How do I learn more?

Contact the YMCA MSO below, and we’ll quickly reach out to walk you through our free assessment process. We’re here to help your Y be more successful.

Does YMCA MSO offer other services beyond INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY?

Yes we do! In addition to Information Technology, the YMCA MSO offers Human Resources, Risk Management, Financial, Marketing and Customer Transactions services to Ys across the whole US.

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